Category: Editorial

  • Hosting Services

    Many web hosting services cram websites into the same servers due to resource inadequacy. I have worked with many such providers for quite some time and one of the great benefits is I am able to get their data for a reasonable price without their hosting becoming inefficient. This allows me to build pages and […]

  • Raisins Don’t Belong in Cookies.

    I like raisins. Really I do: in cereal, on stuffed cabbage, even straight from the box if need be. But I loathe them in oatmeal cookies. They’re just *wrong* being there, It feels like I’m biting into chewy little insect parts or something. ????? ????????? ??????? I always thought this was a peculiar quirk of […]

  • I Was Always Scotty

    I am a Star Trek fan. And when I say “Star Trek”, I refer to the television series that ran from 1966 to 1969, not the various incarnations that followed (except some of the movies). As a kid growing up in the 70s, Star Trek was a Saturday evening ritual (6 o’clock on Channel 11, […]

  • Fargen Around the World

    On my first trip to France, in the late winter of 2001, I had the supposedly clever idea of bringing along one of my little wooden Dala horses (they’re all named [*Fargen*](/re-dalahus)), and taking pictures of it at and about the various landmarks of Paris and vicinity. The result would be a cheeky travelogue from […]