The Bridges of Central Park

September 11, 2006

An old friend from high school, Paul Gaykowski, has co-authored a wonderful new book, [The Bridges of Central Park]( Nearly two-years in the making, it chronicles, in a “then and now” format, the popular, hidden, nifty or just plain ignored bridges that dot Central Park. The book is printed on a substantial coated stock, overflowing with rich duotone photographs, and is layed out in a format that invites you to jump around and discover the bridges in a manner not unlike a real walk through the park.

If you love bridges, the Park, or are just a plain old geek for vintage photography, this is a great read.

Raisins Don’t Belong in Cookies.

March 26, 2006

cookieI like raisins. Really I do: in cereal, on stuffed cabbage, even straight from the box if need be. But I loathe them in oatmeal cookies. They’re just *wrong* being there, It feels like I’m biting into chewy little insect parts or something. I always thought this was a peculiar quirk of mine, but apparently I’m [not alone](

>*”Contrary to what you’ve probably heard, a raisin is nothing more than a shriveled grape. And its inclusion here just oozes controversy. Like a concerted front against the oatmeal farmers (?) of the world. How do we ruin the oatmeal cookie? We’ll add dried, shriveled, rubbery fruit to it. Good. It’s settled then.”*
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I Was Always Scotty

July 20, 2005

scottyI am a Star Trek fan. And when I say “Star Trek”, I refer to the television series that ran from 1966 to 1969, not the various incarnations that followed (except some of the movies). As a kid growing up in the 70s, Star Trek was a Saturday evening ritual (6 o’clock on Channel 11, before Dance Fever!) I loved all the characters; Kirk was the cool one, Spock the smart one, Sulu the dependable one, Uhura the sassy one and Chekov, well, the stupid one. But when it came time to “play” Star Trek in the schoolyard, I was always Scotty.

My friends always argued over who would be Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, but no one wanted to be Montogomery Scott, Chief Engineer, except for me. Sure, Kirk had the swagger, and Spock was the real brains behind the operation. But Scotty, as far as I was concerned, was really in charge of the *Enterprise*.

Scotty fixed the ship. He drove it. He made the engines work. He managed to jury-rig a [Romulan cloaking device]( into the dilithium chamber. Kirk gave the orders, but Scotty had the know-how to carry them out. How much cooler can you get? When I built [plastic model kits]( of the *Enterprise* and flew them around my bedroom, it was Scotty’s voice in my head making them go, not Kirk bellowing “Warp..factor 5…”

So, as we climbed over jungle gyms and other knee-scraping apparatuses squaring against surly Klingons and egotistical [Greek gods](, I was the one who got to bark the now-cliched lines like “she canna take n’more!” or “I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got, cap’n!” Works for me.

[James Doohan, 1920-2005](

Fargen Around the World

March 20, 2005

On my first trip to France, in the late winter of 2001, I had the supposedly clever idea of bringing along one of my little wooden Dala horses (they’re all named [*Fargen*](/re-dalahus)), and taking pictures of it at and about the various landmarks of Paris and vicinity. The result would be a cheeky travelogue from the point of view of a three-inch tall scrap of Swedish folk art.

Apparently this wasn’t a very novel concept. The film [*Amelie*](;fc=1;ft=125;fm=1), released the same year, has an entire subplot of the plucky heroine sending a small garden gnome around the globe for photo ops. had an [ad campaign]( featuring a traveling gnome (which of course instantly makes the idea *pass�*).

Perhaps the geekiest iteration of this is at [iPodLounge](, which has a section dedicated to [*iPods Around the World*]( When a trip to England included a stop at Stonehenge, I hatched a scheme to take a very specific picture, requiring precise timing, which I think [worked out]( quite well (considering the stinging rain and wind firing down on me).

In any case, I’ve uploaded a [small album]( of F�rgen posing in Paris, Chartres and Amsterdam. Hopefully his adventures will continue in the near future. Enjoy.

A Minor Rant on “Loonatics”

March 14, 2005

I’ve been giving this whole [Loonatics]( thing some thought (which is probably exactly what Warner Bros. [wants](, damn them). A lot has been written lately trashing this “re-imagining” of the Looney Tunes characters, but not much on what *should* be done. Well, I’m here to make a few suggestions. But first, some bile. (more…)

“Buzz Buggy”, maybe…

February 20, 2005

I fear my son growing up in a world where this is Looney Tunes.