Will Code for Diapers!

March 30, 2005

The link in the Navigation bar formerly known as Resume is now called Professional. This is the beginning of an expansion plan to include visual examples of my work, along with whatever else might be suitable for prospective clients. I’ve also added it to the main navigation in the masthead. It’s a work in progress, so check back occasionally.

Fargen Around the World

March 20, 2005

fargen On my first trip to France, in the late winter of 2001, I had the supposedly clever idea of bringing along one of my little wooden Dala horses (they’re all named Fargen), and taking pictures of it at and about the various landmarks of Paris and vicinity. The result would be a cheeky travelogue from the point of view of a three-inch tall scrap of Swedish folk art.

Apparently this wasn’t a very novel concept. The film Amelie, released the same year, has an entire subplot of the plucky heroine sending a small garden gnome around the globe for photo ops. Expedia.com had an ad campaign featuring a traveling gnome (which of course instantly makes the idea pass�).

Perhaps the geekiest iteration of this is at iPodLounge, which has a section dedicated to iPods Around the World. When a trip to England included a stop at Stonehenge, I hatched a scheme to take a very specific picture, requiring precise timing, which I think worked out quite well (considering the stinging rain and wind firing down on me).

In any case, I’ve uploaded a small album of F�rgen posing in Paris, Chartres and Amsterdam. Hopefully his adventures will continue in the near future. Enjoy.

A Minor Rant on “Loonatics”

March 14, 2005

loonatics I’ve been giving this whole Loonatics thing some thought (which is probably exactly what Warner Bros. wants, damn them). A lot has been written lately trashing this “re-imagining” of the Looney Tunes characters, but not much on what should be done. Well, I’m here to make a few suggestions. But first, some bile. (more…)

The Dead File Archives (pt. 2)

March 11, 2005

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desk In 1990 I was partner in a graphic design venture, The Windedale Design Company. Displaying an early penchant for absurdity that would lead to such diversions as VäporOS, I created a faux history of the business with a fictitious founder, one Jacobus Q. Winedale. The following is a biography I drafted intended (but thankfully never used) for promotional purposes. It is presented here completely unedited, as embarrassing as that is.


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The Dead File Archives (pt. 1)

March 5, 2005

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I was recently sifting through old file archives and came across a series of drawings I made during and after college. They were created in a variety of now-dead software applications, and it took some doing to read and convert them to a readable form (thanks, CB!). A lot of the images I found are junk, but some are interesting enough to merit comment.

The first batch I’ll share is a drawing of a Victorian house I made in 1988. What’s notable here is that I saved each state of the drawing as a separate file, allowing a look at the progression of the piece (I must have been quite forward thinking back then.)


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A Disclaimer…

March 3, 2005

“Family photos do keep smiling faces. Births, weddings, holidays, childrens birthday parties–People take pictures of the happy moment in their lives. Someone looking through a photo album could conclude we had lead a joyous, leisurely existence. Free of tragedy. No one ever takes a picture of something they want to forget.”
Sy Parrish (Robin Williams), One Hour Photo (2002)