Category: Photography

  • Fargen Around the World

    On my first trip to France, in the late winter of 2001, I had the supposedly clever idea of bringing along one of my little wooden Dala horses (they’re all named [*Fargen*](/re-dalahus)), and taking pictures of it at and about the various landmarks of Paris and vicinity. The result would be a cheeky travelogue from […]

  • A Disclaimer…

    >”Family photos do keep smiling faces. Births, weddings, holidays, childrens birthday parties–People take pictures of the happy moment in their lives. ??? ??? ???? Someone looking through a photo album could conclude we had lead a joyous, leisurely existence. Free of tragedy. No one ever takes a picture of something they want to forget.” – […]

  • New Gallery!

    Dalahus has a new photo gallery. For those who care about such things, I moved from Menalto Gallery to Coppermine. ???? ??? ???? I’ve been a Menalto user for a number of years, but the code is old and bloated and the UI a bit clunky. For Dalah�s I wanted to try something faster and […]

  • Grey and Orange

    Today marked the opening of Christo’s The Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1979-2005, an installation he had first conceived of in 1979. It was a cold, sunless day in the City, but that was perhaps the intent. ??????? ???? ????? ?? ??? The banners fluttered madly in the wind, yet were oddly silent. Despite […]