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  • The Top 10 Pompous Arena Rock Songs

    The criteria: 1) The song must be over four minutes long. Anything shorter is just a pop song. Pompous Arena Rock Songs require length for that epic quality, man. 2) The song must have been played in an actual arena by the original band. This is how we can disqualify songs like Hey Jude and […]

  • James Betelle, Where Are You?

    Last year on this site I wrote a little essay about The Pinewood Derby. Since writing it, nagging thoughts persisted; what had happened to my school since I was last there, nearly 30 years ago? Is it as I remembered? Is my grafitti still on the bathroom wall?* My foray into answering these questions led […]

  • A Disclaimer…

    >”Family photos do keep smiling faces. Births, weddings, holidays, childrens birthday parties–People take pictures of the happy moment in their lives. ??? ??? ???? Someone looking through a photo album could conclude we had lead a joyous, leisurely existence. Free of tragedy. No one ever takes a picture of something they want to forget.” – […]

  • Grey and Orange

    Today marked the opening of Christo’s The Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1979-2005, an installation he had first conceived of in 1979. It was a cold, sunless day in the City, but that was perhaps the intent. ??????? ???? ????? ?? ??? The banners fluttered madly in the wind, yet were oddly silent. Despite […]