by Steve Weintraub

Map reviews are by Claude Errera, maintainer of the Marathon Maps Page.

Pfhornication IV Map

Pfhornication IV is a Marathon 2 re-write of Pfhornication II for M1, which you might be familiar with. I've kept it pretty much the same, but with the following enhancements:

What Claude says:
"A very nice port of a good M1 level. Water is used quite well here. If you've played Pfhorno before, you'll like this version. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat."

Download Pfhornication IV (190k)

Pfhornication Lives! is a Marathon 2 re-write of my M1 map of the same name. It's a pretty straight conversion, with the usual M2 ambient sound/lights/landscape enhancements. It's a tight level, so it should be good for 2-3 person network sessions.

What Claude says:
A port of a small M1 map. Tries to give a little of everything to the player-open areas, sniper ledges, narrow passageways... generally good flow.

Download Pfhorno Lives! (32k)

Bucho Needs Women is a pretty direct M2 version of the M1 classic Mars Needs Women. I made this map because I was getting bored with the current original maps I'm working on, and nothing good is on the tube. Bucho, by the way, was the bad guy in the movie Desparado. 'Nuff said.

I've seen a few others Mars... transplants, but they seem to be overdone, reworked with a lot of extra passages and nonsense. My aim was to keep it as Bungie-pure as possible. Hence, there are absolutely no additional polys, and textures/lighting have been kept as consistent as possible. Here are the only differences:

What Claude says:
A pretty straightforward port of Mars Needs Women. Nice job, overall... The only additions are small, to take advantage of some of the improvements of the M2 engine. The intention was to create an M2 version that stayed truer to the original than most of the existing ports, both in feel and in playability. In that, it is a success.

Download Bucho Needs Women (128k)

THE OBLIGATORY ANTI-FLAME ALERT. My maps were written in most incarnations of Pfhorte2 (up through a14) on a PowerMac. I won't guarantee their bulletproofness, but they haven't crashed for me. Hopefully when Forge is released we can all stop writing these things...

Last Update: 7/1/96