W W W . B U N G I E S E L L O U T . O R G

"Back in the good old days, we had beige Macs, played Marathon, and used Hotline.
And we were still waiting for Copland!" - Noah Daniels, bitter-hoary-old-timer


The purpose of this site is to pay homage to Bungie; the Bungie of the past. The Bungie that created ridiculous amounts of buzz at every Macworld Expo. The Bungie that sold $15 dollar t-shirts, but knocked $5 off the price if you put it on right in front of them. The Bungie that recognized the significance of "Frog blast the vent core!"

If you have any stories, memories, artwork, great Marathon network sessions you want to relate, or just want to rant and vent about the buyout news, please let us know.

So kick back, boot up that Quadra 800, and reminisce....

- Arlo



A Requiem for Bungie by Noah Daniels

The "Running" Man by Arlo

Goodbye, Bungie by Robinhood

Ambrosia Sells Out? by Phayd

MC'S Thoughts by MC Madman

"Adios, Bungie" by Prundog

Bungie's Mystifying Sellout by Loren Petrich

Tu Delenda Est by Tom Bridge

Memories... by Kazem Edmond

Reminiscence by Simon Marek

A Sad Day by Slushy *NEW*


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Bill Waves the Flag

Bungie's new HQ


Bungie's Halo Page (notice "Coming soon..." at bottom)

Halo Petition (over 25,000 signatures!)






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Bungiesellout.org is a non-profit, non-sense, non-dairy, non-sequitor, non-partisan, non-denominational website run by a bunch of bitter-hoary old timers who pine for the days of "About this Mac...", when Phforte was the only map editor, installing ram in a PowerMac meant 3 hours of knuckle-flesh tearing pain, and Steve Jobs was off somewhere building black cubes. Bungiesellout.org sprang up overnight, and will surely disappear just as fast. But heck, if we can pay homage to Bungie for just a little while, it's surely worth the domain registration. VººT!