The Dead File Archives (pt. 1)

March 5, 2005

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I was recently sifting through old file archives and came across a series of drawings I made during and after college. They were created in a variety of now-dead software applications, and it took some doing to read and convert them to a readable form (thanks, CB!). A lot of the images I found are junk, but some are interesting enough to merit comment.

The first batch I’ll share is a drawing of a Victorian house I made in 1988. What’s notable here is that I saved each state of the drawing as a separate file, allowing a look at the progression of the piece (I must have been quite forward thinking back then.)

What I find most interesting is the methodology behind their creation. Without the convenience of a modern vector-based drawing application, I had to create everything by hand, pixel by pixel, keeping elements on the “pasteboard” for reuse. Certainly it was a chore, but now I find there’s a hand-crafted quality that you wouldn’t otherwise get with a high resolution, vector image.

*Here’s the first rough sketch I made; the house is clearly Queen Anne style, and you can see the bits of architectural elements around the page that I used as pasteboard.*

*Forms are getting refined, and I added some basic shading. The roofline has taken a change to the mansardic.*

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